About Us

Phelvic automation was founded in 2015 and was engaged in the distribution and promoting of any automated machines in the entire world especially in South Africa as it’s our home country.  

Currently we have distribution agreement with Taiji electronics from china to distribute their O’2 nails product especially their v11 automated printing machine. Phelvic is here to distribute any type of automated machines in the world.We are committed to enabling people to enjoy the nail fashion by applying the digital technology on their nails. Our Headquarters are located in the heart of Limpopo Province with high quality personnel who are highly trained.

Our main goal is to provide professional nail equipment services that cater to the specific personal as well as professional needs of our clients.Our main vison is to make sure South Africa is moving with the current trends of technology by making sure we are always advancing the automated way of doing businesses so that they do their work more effientily and more profitably.  

We are currently the only company that is authorised to distribute O'2 Nails V11 printing machine in the entire country. Phelvic is growing rapidly in the automation industry......