Flip Gel Light

Cure the gel and dry the painting

Nail Extension Gel Kit

Used to shape the gel over the nail while printing

Base Gel (7ml/bottle)

The Gel has special bonding function which is best suitable for base coating for painting

Base Color Gel (7ml/bottle)

The Gel is used to apply as the backgroud of the pattern

Pre-Print Coat (7ml/bottle)

Its special water material helps to absorb the ink from cartridge

Liquid Nail Mask (7ml/bottle)

Protects the nail edge from printing

Top Seal Gel (7ml/bottle)

This Gel protects the pattern after printing for longer time

Gel Remover Pad

It is used to remove the gel easily without harming the real nail

Nail Cleanser Pad

It is used to clean the nail surface

L26N Ink Cartridge

The cartridge that keeps your creativity on

Arms Rest

Design to give your arm comfort whiile printing and drying